Monday, June 29, 2009

Guest Appearance

This is my "cousin" Coco - she's a King Charles Cavalier. Isn't she beautiful? I wanted to post this picture for some comic relief because there has been so much sadness out there in DWB land over the past week. We already miss Dakota, we are so worried about Bear's safety and happiness, we want Laska to find his way back home and, most of all, we were heartbroken to hear about the loss of Baby Chloe in Huskee & Hershey's house. Each of these stories alone is sad enough, but together they're overwhelming. We're saying healing prayers for all of our friends and we're hoping they each experience peace in their lives this week.

UPDATE: Laska is home!!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Representing 6 States!

Back before my mom went on her vacation, I received a package from my friends Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie with rocks for our coffee table. BRD and Hootie are like my friends Faya and Dyos, one is an Airedale Terrier and the other is a Welsh Terrier. Like a Me and a Mini Me (except not a Me Pedro cause, as you know, I am Chihuahua).Sometimes these dawgs live in Arizona and sometimes they live in Northern Idaho. A while back BRD and Hootie, along with their parents, left Arizona to go back to Northern Idaho. I think maybe they fly North in the summer and South in the winter, except I'm pretty sure they drive. All along the way they picked up rocks for me! Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. I'm not sure about the order but it sounds like a lot of driving! All of these places are very far from my house - 2,432 miles to Arizona, 1,857 to Colorado, 2,206 to Utah, 1,813 to Wyoming, 2,116 to Montana and 2,620 to Northern Idaho. Whew! By my mom's calculations, BRD and Hootie drove 1,144 miles between Arizona and Northern Idaho. They are true traveling dawgs!
The rocks came individually wrapped and labeled so we'd know exactly where each came from. So organized! We carefully unwrapped them and put them with their labels for a photo documentation of their origins.
Also in the box was this very interesting dawg toy. I had to check it out right away because it reminded me of someone I know. The yellow cat stuffie made me want to shake it and bite it and rip it apart! Hmm, I wonder why. Even Ziggy got in on the action and stole it away from me...

Oh, wait a minute. I see the resemblance now! This stuffed yellow cat looks strangely like my yellow cat Tommy. Tommy is an ok cat but he can be a bit of a bully! I guess I just need to take out my yellow cat frustrations on the stuffed cat. I think it's alot safer - no claws...
The rocks from the 6 states are now at home in our New York coffee table. Thanks so much Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie for taking the time on your long journey North to think of me! We will think of you every time we look at the coffee table and I will definitely think of you every time I beat up the yellow cat (the stuffed one that is)!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Trip

Where to begin? This vacation was the longest vacation my mom has taken since she was in high school and went camping with her parents cross-country for 6 weeks. Her 11 days away was packed with enough activities that it felt like 6 weeks, or at least 3. Leah and my mom started their vacation with a trip to Houston, TX to go to my mom's grand-nephew's wedding. Remember, my mom was an aunt before she was born so, though she's far from her 20's, she's not in her 80's either! Many of you will recall that last September my mom's nephew and his wife were in a horrible motorcycle accident that claimed the wife's life. It was a terrible time for the whole family which was only compounded by the fact that it coincided with Hurricane Ike. Well, the nephew that got married on May 30th is their oldest son. It was nice for my mom to go back to Texas for a happy reason. Chet and Cristina originally got engaged while visiting us (pre-me) with their whole family. Chet took Cristina to Montauk Point and proposed there. So sweet! The day was perfect and the wedding was beautiful! Congratulations Chet & Cristina!!
Next Mom and Leah hopped on a plane to Lost Wages! There they met up with Rambo and Midge's G-mom and JB and Chester's mom. I'm still horrified that they would actually do this without me, Ziggy, Rambo, Midge, JB and Chester. The nerve!!! My mom said she drank more margaritas in Vegas then she has her whole life! They hung out by the pool, ate delicious food at a place called Tacos & Tequila (they highly recommend this restaurant if you're ever in the area) and did some crazy stunt called Indoor Sky Diving! So, no, they did not jump out of a plane but rather jumped into a wind tunnel. Leah loved it so much she couldn't wipe the smile off of her face for days and now wants to jump out of a REAL plane (this does not thrill my mom one bit). My mom says it was so nice to finally meet other DWB and CWB bloggers and she thinks another trip should be planned so more of us can get together. Lost Wages is a great place to do this because there are usually inexpensive flights and hotels but if any of you have any suggestions please chime in! Wouldn't it be nice if the humans could get together some time this Fall???The last leg of their trip required the most effort (understatement). Leah and my mom left Lost Wages and headed into Arizona. First they stopped at the Hoover Dam to look over the edge and admire the new bridge being built. Then they headed to a place called Peach Springs to spend the night before hiking 10 miles down into Havasu Canyon (a side canyon of the Grand Canyon) for a 4 day camping trip. The day was slightly overcast, which is great for hiking. Last August there was a devastating flash flood that washed through Havasu forever changing the landscape and the course of the beautiful blue river. Havasu Falls now flows as a 1-part fall rather than the 3-part fall it was the last time they were there. It was still breathtakingly beautiful though. Two new falls were created during the flood and one of the falls had a beautiful swimming hole. The group spent quite a bit of time there swimming and jumping through the waterfall. They did the trecherous rock climb down to Mooney Falls and spent time down there exploring the many changes to the river. On the last day there my mom and Leah decided to join 4 others and take a helicopter out rather than hiking up the 10 mile trail. They still had to hike 2 miles to the Indian village where the helicopter left from (which was about all Mom's poor feet could handle). When they got on the flying bird they were laughing and giving each other high-5's over their decision! The flight was a mere 7 minutes for a hike that would have taken 5 hours! The nicest thing for my mom was not to be totally wiped out for the 5 hour drive back to Lost Wages.
One more night in Vegas then they hopped on a plane back to ME! My mom has told me not to worry, she's not going away for any length of time again until Thanksgiving. Hmmm, that is unless all of the human DWB and CWB people decide to get together in the Fall... You can never trust humans...

Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Feets

My mom got home late on Monday night and has been running around like crazy ever since. The suitcase is lying on her bedroom floor still unpacked. I've had to go to work with her all week because the suitcase smelled like horses and canyon dawgs so I decided I needed to pee on it. Well, that didn't go over too well so now I'm a workin' dawg! I don't mind because I missed my mom so much while she was gone that I'm happy to go to work with her. Regarding the picture in my last post, for those of you who think my mom and Rambo's G-mom actually jumped out of a plane, my mom says, ARE YOU CRAZY!!! So, guess again! I have so many things to tell you and hopefully Mom and I will get a few posts together this weekend. We also need to visit all of you! I've received rocks from Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie, shells from JB's mom's Florida trip, and my mom brought me home some really cool rocks from Havasu Canyon. There are tons of pictures from her trip too. So please come back and see us soon! If you have a chance, stop by Ziggy's blog and say hi to Jessie. She's had a really rough week and could use some cheering up from her friends. Thank you!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Where is She?

My mom sent me this picture from her trip. Hey Rambo, is that your G-Mom with my mom? Where are they, and what the heck are they doing???


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