Friday, October 16, 2009

My World is Upside Down!

I don't know what's going on. I'm confused, disoriented, scared and depressed. Everything in my dawg house has been moved around. At first it was kind of fun - lots of open space to run around in. The openness made my bark seem louder and more ferocious than usual. The kitten found dust bunnies to chase and was in his glory. Then it happened... Monday night the hallway got crammed with furniture and Mom had to squeeze us in to Leah's room. I heard Dad say he was going to sleep in the trailer. Trailer? We don't have a trailer. What is a trailer anyway??? Tuesday morning my Mom got up, hurried to get ready for work then put Libby and Natty in the trailer. Libby HATED it! She tried to escape but Mom kept putting her back. The trailer was creepy because Mom covered everything in it with comforters. I wondered why and she said her friend Kathy leant us the trailer to live in while our floors are being refinished and she didn't want us to damage anything so she covered it all. Now, why would she think WE would damage anything??? Hmpf! After locking up the cats (BTW - Tommy has decided to be an outside cat since Natty came live with us so his life has gone on without interruption), Mom loaded Ziggy and me in the car and off we went to her job.I don't like going to work. I don't know why my mom has to spend so much time at work but, as she's reminded me soooo many times, it's so she can buy us nice things, like food. Work is very stressful for me. So many people to bark at and bite. Ziggy doesn't mind because he actually likes people outside of our family. Mom's boss makes me a little nervous too because there is this weird, crazy energy coming off of him that put's me on edge. Wednesday when we came home the house STUNK so we all had to sleep in the trailer that night. Thursday the smell didn't seem as bad. Mom couldn't take it though so she tip-toed over the floor to Leah's room, bringing Tommy with her, and they slept with the windows wide open in 40 degree weather all night. Tonight Dad says he's going to his parents' to sleep with Ziggy. Me and the cats will be camping again with Mom. I'm tired, Ziggy is completely exhausted, Libby is beside herself and Mom has a permanent headache from the fumes. No pictures of the chaos but we'll post some pictures of the floor when it's done - this picture was taken after the stain was applied. Sorry we haven't visited anyone this week. Once our house is in order we'll be by to say hello!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

S'More WVU

Last weekend was Parents' Weekend at West Virginia University. Mom wasn't planning on going but she and Leah decided they needed to spend some quality mother-daughter time together (note I did not say mother-daughter-Pedro time together). Rather than staying in Morgantown and doing the pre-planned Parents' Weekend things, they decided to do a little camping (via a camping cabin). The drive there was difficult with traffic and multiple accidents along the way but Mom made it to the campground around 9:00 PM, checked in and dropped off her stuff then headed to Morgantown (23 miles further away) to pick up Leah. The cabin was cozy and they slept in on Saturday (that means 8:00 for Mom and 10:30 for Leah!) They decided to do things they hadn't done before so after exploring the campground and surrounding area they went to Coopers Rock State Park. The views were beautiful and the Monongahela River sparkled in the valley below - great Christmas Card photo ops! They didn't exactly rough it with the food because Mom didn't want to pack all the things necessary to cook so they ate out. The only thing she made sure to bring was coffee! After a delicious dinner at Texas Roadhouse they headed back to the campground for dessert. S'Mores! This is a Leah favorite after so many years of summer camp (Camp Ma-He-Tu).They gathered some fire wood, stoked up a cozy fire and started roasting marshmallows. The pictures sure look yummy!Sunday came too quickly. After a $200+ grocery shopping trip Mom hit the road, taking a different route home. Even with a little traffic in Pennsylvania and by the George Washington Bridge (is there EVER not traffic there???) she made it home in 7 1/2 hours - not bad at all. Camping was fun but a little creepy since they were literally the only 2 people in the campground. Mom said she'd stay there again but maybe during a time when more people are around.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Trying Times!

Mom! He won't leave me alone!!!


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