Thursday, August 13, 2009

I'm 3!

August 13th is my day - Pedro Day! I woke up this morning and my mom sang the Happy Birthday Song to me then promptly left for work. Dad went to work. Leah went to work. Jessie went to work. I want to know how come none of them took the day off to celebrate with me... Well, Ziggy and I hung out and had a great day doing dawg things while the humans all worked! Tonight the birthday festivities swung into high gear! Leah went out earlier today and did some major shopping for me! I didn't really want to pose with the bag but Dad made me do it! I couldn't believe how many great toys and treats were in that bag! Do you see the skunk? It's unstuffed! I can't wait to sink my teeth into it - hehehe. After opening my presents and enjoying one of the treats for awhile Mom surprised me with the most awesome birthday cake ever! Can you believe she got a cake for me that looked just like a hot dawg? So funny because it even tasted like a hot dawg! I had a really, really great birthday! I think 3 is the best one yet for me!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


This is just NOT FAIR! My mom has rescued another animal! She caught this little feral kitty in our back yard and pretended she was just going to tame him down so he could be adopted BUT now he has a NAME and we all know what that means.....
Introducing NattyHe's a toe biterand is already a pro at Paw Placement at a mere (we think) 4 weeks old!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Evidence of Betrayal

Still no camera, so no new pictures of me for your viewing pleasure! So, so sad. Well, instead I'm going to show you some shots of my mom cheating on me during her vacation. Can you believe it? While I was sitting home depressed and missing her, she was out making friends with canyon dawgs, and horses and other birds and critters. Not nice...
Mom with Rusty down in Texas.
A family of geese my mom and Leah saw in the parking lot of Lupe Tortilla's in Sugar Land.
Visiting with Scooter before leaving for Las Vegas.
Not much wild life of the animal kind in Vegas but this pigeon directly above my mom's lounge chair at the pool gave her a bit of a scare!
This bull was by the road on the way out to the trailhead. When my mom stopped the car so Leah could take a picture the bull started running toward them. They didn't hang around to see what he wanted!
Just before the trailhead they passed a few pack horses having a snack on the side of the road.
Look at this baby! Even I think he's cute!
Down in the Indian village my mom made friends with some of the locals.
She said this guy was so cute. He walked with them for a little while before heading home.
The school sign was loaded with bird nests!
This lizard let my mom get pretty close. He was BIG!
In quiet pools along the river there were tadpoles swimming happily.
This good lookin' Boxer dawg pup hiked down with his humans. He barked the whole time they were swimming but wouldn't go in the water with them.
This dawg's name is Sponge! Leah had fun giving him some belly rubs while they waited for the helicopter.
Lastly, leaving the canyon, they saw a bunch of these chipmunks scurrying along the side of the road. All this while I sat home counting the minutes until mom and Leah came home to me. Don't worry, I forgave them!


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