Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Good News!

Whew! The test results came back and Libby is FINE! What a relief. Kidneys and liver are functioning perfectly. No FIV (which was a huge concern because that's what Stinky died of). Her thyroid levels are low but that wouldn't have caused her sickness. The flagyl seems to be doing the trick and she's feeling alot better. My mom is very, very relieved! Thank you all for your words of encouragement and support. We're so lucky to have so many good friends!!!

Can you say FRUSTRATED???

My mom has called the V-E-T three times already today to get Libby's test results and they keep saying the doctor is busy and will call back later. I think I'm gonna go hide cause steam is starting to come out of my mom's ears!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Very Concerned...

Libby has been very sick for the last couple of days and my mom is extremely worried about her. It started with throwing up and now it's the other too. She's very lethargic and tired. The good news is she still purrs when my mom pets her. She's gonna have to go to the V-E-T today. Please say prayers for Libby.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

This Cat Drools...

Tommy is a really nice cat. He's lovable and really good lookin. However, his big downfall is he drools when you pet him. He just can't help himself, he's like a water fountain. Ziggy drools at food - that makes sense. When Tommy drools you know he likes you but if you ever pet him, I'm warning you, you will end up with spit in your eyes. Tommy even gets his drool on himself. Gross!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Arte y Pico Award

Amber and Mango were very kind (and generous) to give me the Arte y Pico Award for my blog. I did a search to find out what this award represents and found this: The “Arte y Pico” award was created and to be given to bloggers who inspire others with their creative energy and their talents, whether it be writing, artwork in all medias. When you receive this award it is considered a “special honor”. All I can say is WOW, thanks Amber and Mango!!

Here are the rules of the Arte-y-Pico Award:

1) You have to pick FIVE blogs that you consider deserve this award for creativity, design, interesting material and also contribute to the blogger community regardless of language.

2) Each award has to have the name of the author and a link to his/her blog to be visited.

3) Each award winner has to show the award and put the name and link to the blog that has given him/her the award itself.

4) Award winners and the one who has given the prize have to show the link of the "Arte-y-Pico" blog so everyone will know the origin of the award.

5) In compliance with said RULES, the award winner must show the RULES.

I would like to paw this award on to Rambo because his blog inspired me from day #1 and Jackson & Patrick because their pictures are just so amazing.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Polo Any One?

Saturday started the Polo Season in Bridgehampton with the Mercedes-Benz Polo Challenge kick-off match between White Birch and Jumeirah Culu Culu. Did I get to go? NO! My mom worked in the morning then went to Polo at 3:00 with Judy. It was a very hot day and she wasn't sure how I would do but promised that I could definitely go next time. The interesting thing about Polo is that a lot of people bring their dawgs. During half time all the spectators and dawgs go out on the field and stomp the divots. My mom told me there were piles of horse poop on the field that she knew I'd like to leave some pee-mails on. I'm really looking forward to doing that next time.
During half time my mom took some really great pictures of a couple of dawgs she met. This first one is named Footy Boots. To me he looks like a Mr. Footy Boots or a Monsieur Footy Boots since he is a French Bull Dog.
Then she met yet another puggle. Puggles seem to be the rage in the Hamptons this summer. This guy's name is Oliver and he has a cork-screw tail. My mom gave my blog address to Oliver's mom and we hope she's able to find us here.
After meeting these two handsome dawgs my mom spotted this very handsome human polo player. Do you recognize him? He is the "face" of Polo and is a member of the Black Watch team. Give up? Well, this is my mom's favorite polo player, Nacho Figueras.
Here is a picture of Nacho's ad for Ralph Lauren.
And here's a picture of Nacho showing how he feels about being a spectator rather than a player! I think my mom is turning into a paparazzo! Ahh, do you want to tell her or should I... Mom, your photographic skills are just not that good... but I love you! The match ended with White Birch trouncing Jumeirah Culu Culu. On the way out my mom snapped this picture of the horses tied up to the trailer. I guess they keep them on such a short leash so they don't eat any grass during the game. I don't think I would like that at all. Once again, I'm glad I'm me.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Our Cold Box

I was tagged by my cousin Rambo to show everybody my Cold Box (aka refrigerator). I've seen a lot of my friend's posts about their cold boxes and I have to tell you, my nose is a little bent out of shape and that hurts. It seems that every one of my friends who have done this game have items in their cold boxes that are just for them. Well, in my cold box there is NOTHING for me. Let's start:This is the outside of our cold box. It has a calendar, some family pictures, our Christmas cards for the last 3 years, a picture of Leah with one of her teachers and his son, chip clips and a chihuahua magnet that is NOT me.This is a close up of the Christmas cards for the last 3 years. Admittedly, I've only had two Christmas' with my family (I will be 2 years old on August 13th) but do you see my picture on the snowy blue card or the one above it? No.Here is the inside. As you can see, my mom and dad have their priorities straight. The refrigerator is dominated by liquids - beer, soda, water, and what's that??? A half a glass of wine?? Mom says that she poured the glass last night but couldn't finish it (don't worry, it wasn't her 1st glass of the day) but it was too good to pour down the drain so she saved it for today. I'm sure there are some wine aficionados out there who are cringing at the thought. Another interesting liquid can be seen in the lower right drawer with all the lemons (aka yellow blobs that fall out of the sky at my cousin Rambo's house). That's a can of Moxie soda from Maine. My mom LOVES Moxie and whenever her cousins go to their camp on Lake St. George in Maine they bring her back some. She guards it like it's liquid gold! Sadly evident is the lack of treats for me. Don't you all feel sorry for me?

Well you've seen my Cold Box and now it's time for me to tag a couple of my friends - I nominate Girl Girl and Mango the Maltese Kiddo. The Rules are - Show us a photo of the front of your Cold Box- Tell us about at least one thing on it and one thing you keep inside of it - Tag your friends and remember to stay Cool! And no fair cleaning it up first!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

:P (Sticking My Tongue Out)

I think tongue pictures are HA-larious, so I'm going to share some of mine with you. As with the Scary Teeth post, I'd like to show off your best tongue pictures too. Please post links in your comments so I can hunt down your pictures and add them here!!!! Also, visit Chef and vote for your favorite Gift Exchange photos.
My Doggone good friends' tongue pictures:


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