Monday, July 27, 2009

This Is Why

My mom has the worst luck with cameras. In the past 10 years she has lost 1 camera, had 2 cameras stolen, outgrew one (it used floppy disks and was HUGE), got pushed into the pool with one, lost one to Leah, and this past week, left her current pretty pink camera out in the rain... The camera that went into the pool dried out and actually worked for quite awhile before it finally quit. The current camera, not so much. camera, no pictures, no pictures, no posts. Before buying a new camera my mom would like some suggestions from all of you on what camera to get. She's looking for high quality pictures to capture me in all my handsomeness without spending a fortune. Help us choose please!
UPDATE - So far, this is what my mom is leaning towards. It seems to have alot of the power of the SLR cameras with point and shoot convenience. The fact it uses regular batteries concerns her though.

Monday, July 20, 2009

For Phantom

My Sibe friend, Phantom, has had to wear clothes after a recent surgery and, like me, he is not a fan of clothing. He just found out that he needs to keep his shirt on until Friday, so in support of Phantom, I've donned my duds! I'm with you Phantom!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Mango "Minor"

I recently received this gigantic box in the mail from my friends Mango, Ximiu and Chubs. I read a post on Rocky's blog about a package he received from them and in that post Rocky referred to Mango as "Mango Minor". I thought that was a very clever way to differentiate him from Mango the Large so I'm borrowing it for the headline of this post! When my mom put the box down I knew right away that Mango sent me what I've always wanted, what I really need, what I deserve, my birthright - my very own personal PEDESTAL! Yes! I am now elevated to new heights! My importance is magnified! I am truly the King of my castle! I......., oh, my mom just told me we need to open the box to see what it really is. Sorry, I guess I got a little carried away.
Ok, so we opened my pedestal, er, box and Mom read the letter to Ziggy and me. Lo and behold, the box was not in fact a pedestal but a package containing many wonderful things including 5 new rocks for our coffee table!Mango told us he set out on the hunt, working hard leading the pack of pugs on their quest for the best rocks for our table. According to Mango though, Ximui and Chubs were more interested in what their mom was cooking in the kitchen than they were in finding rocks in the yard, but he impressed upon them the importance of their mission and so they followed their leader. First Mango found the black and red rocks. Then together they found the white one.Once back home, while getting ready to email me the pictures, Mango eyed up his mom's collection of rocks that she had gotten on a trip to Vietnam and thought he would donate a couple of them to the cause. Whoa, Vietnam is half way around the world!
The red, black and white rocks came from Mango's home in Richardson, Texas which is 1,635 miles from my house in New York. The purple and green rocks came from Vietnam which is a whopping 8,882 miles (14,293 kilometers) away from me!
Diving deeper into the box we found this coffee mug for my mom! Libby says, "You're darn right Mango! If you love my mom you better love me too!" Libby looks a little stern in that picture but she's really a very, ahem, charming cat. (She is holding a claw to my throat as I write this but I mean every word I say... really!)
Then we found a HUGE bag of green and white toys! They match our green and white rug! The official school colors for the town I live in are also green and white! Good job Mango, Ximiu & Chubs on your color choice :P Lastly, we found a bag of delicious treats, oh yeah! Ziggy and I loved those treats but the really funny thing is, so did Libby! My mom always says Libby acts more like a dawg than a cat! I hope she doesn't get any bright cat-brained ideas now about stealing all my food and treats...
There are so many rocks and shells in the table now that at first glance it might be difficult to spy the ones Mango, Ximiu & Chubs sent to me. If you look closely though, you will see the green rock from Vietnam almost glowing on the right side with the rest of their rocks around it! Thanks so much guys for sending us such a diverse collection of rocks from Texas and Vietnam and also for all the outstanding presents! You three rock!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Lawnmower Dawg

My mom was at the estate of one of her customers last week and look what she saw... A LAWN MOWING DAWG! I wonder how much he gets paid.......It sure is alot of work for a dawg to do - this is only part of the yard.I don't really think he minds the work though. Look at how happy he is!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Dr. Dre is in da House!

Well, his rocks are in the coffee table any way... Dre lives in Northern Idaho (2620 miles from my house), very, very close to my friends Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie. Recently those three dawgs got together for a romp in the park. It looks like Hootie is set to really romp right onto Dre but don't worry, no dawg got hurt!
If you havent visited Dr. Dre's blog yet you really need to because he is HA-LARIOUS! My mom cracks up every time she reads his blog. She thinks Dre and I look alot alike - I'm just missing the mohawk! My mom's niece's husband Daniel has a mohawk too. So I decided to go get myself a mohawk. What do you think? Are Dre, Daniel and I triplets or what?
Dr. Dre found some awesome rocks for me at Lake Pend Oreille and he was nice enough to write the facts on the back of the big rock so I'd never forget where it came from.That sure is one beautiful lake but it looks cold!!! Jessie and Leah brought me into our pool a couple of times in the past week and even 80 degree water is too cold for me! Come on mom, open the wallet and buy some oil so we can heat up the pool!These rocks are as unique as my homeslice Dre himself!Look, they even have some bling in them. How on earth did these rocks get those square holes? It's a mystery to me...Thanks Dre for sending me such great rocks and thanks for making us laugh with your funny, funny, funny blog!


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