Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Year, New News

Mom's not much of a blogger any more so we've got months and months of updates here.  Let me start by saying, January 17th is the one year anniversary of our loss of Ziggy.  2010 was filled with many ups and downs and though our hearts have mended some, we still miss Ziggy so, so much. 
Over the summer, you may have remembered, we adopted a golden boy named Sonny.  Sonny was only with us for about 6 weeks when we had to send him back.  It was heartbreaking but he had something called small dawg aggression.  The humans were very afraid for my safety, even though I loved Sonny.  The good news is the family that fostered Sonny for 6 months before he came to us adopted him permanently.  They said it was like he went on a little vacation then came back home.  That made us all feel a little bit better and we wish Sonny all the best!
The humans thought for quite awhile that they'd NOT bring another dawg into our home.  They said I'm enough - YOU GOT THAT RIGHT!  Being the King of the Castle, I was ok with that.  Then one day in November Mom and Leah got a bug up their butts about getting a puppy.  Dad was even on board.  They had done all kinds of research for months and months after Ziggy left us and had decided that a Bernese Mountain Dawg most exemplefied the qualities Ziggy had.  Bernese are good with small humans, love their people, are calm and steady and eager to please.  In other words, brown nosers.  Chihuahuas don't stoop to that level...  So once they decided that a PUPPY would be the best route to take, the search began.  I wish I could say it took a long time but it didn't.  Right away they found a litter of puppies in Pennsylvania that were ready to go to their new homes and in a BLINK, I had a new brother. 
Leah went to PA just before Thanksgiving and picked up Marley.  We had Ziggy and now we have Marley - poetic?  Marley was 18 pounds at 8 weeks old.  He's now almost 4 months and over 40 pounds, on his way to around 100 or so. He's house trained (which the humans like to rub in my nose because I still have the occassional "accident").  He knows tricks - sit, shake, lie down, roll over, speak.  Big deal I say!  I know how to sit too!  The really fun thing, I have to admit, is seeing how much he does remind us all of Ziggy.  He's even kind of nice to snuggle up with for a nap.
In other news, Natty IS STILL WITH US!  The V-E-T is shocked every month we call up to renew his high blood pressure medication.  No one thought he'd make it until the end of October but here we are in January and he's not giving up.
He's become a bit of a spoiled brat too!  Mom won't let any one yell at him and gives him treats constantly so now he's almost impossible to live with.  Poor Libby gets the brunt of it!  We all think Natty thinks he's a dog.  He runs around the house with Marley and even eats his food some times!
Libby and Tommy, our senior citizens, are hanging in there.  Libby sleeps in the corner of the living room most of the time and doesn't go out much any more.  Tommy still flits in and out and likes to give the stray cats a hard time.  So we've gone through some sad times but made it through and 2011 is looking up.  Thanks for stopping by - I hope all you dawgs and cats have a great New Year!


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