Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Natty Is With Ziggy Now

So, so, so sad.  Natty left today to be with Ziggy.  His heart was tired and he needed to go.  He was only two.  My mom found Natty in our back yard when he was just a tiny kitten.  He got a bum deal in the heart department, born with a terrible valve defect, but our V-E-T told us he wouldn't have lived a year as a feral cat.  She said he was lucky to be with us but really, WE were lucky to have him in our family.

Natty, we will miss you every day.  You brought joy and laughter to our home.  We know how much you loved Ziggy and now you will be with him always...

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Remember the Coffee Table?

A couple of years ago (starting in February 2009) my mom started a project to fill one section of our coffee table with shells and rocks from my friends all over the world.  The response was AMAZING and we filled up the section of the table and did many, many posts telling the stories behind each contribution.  Well, last week my friend Coco the beautiful Chihuahua Princess and her sisters Lady Godiva and Truffle sent us some awesome shells that their mom found when she was in California!
The package contained notes and pictures and presents from the girls telling me about the shells and about the wonderful gifts they sent also.
The shells were found on a beach in California on Sunset Beach Road in Watsonville which is 3,060 miles from my house in the Hamptons!  Coco informed me that it would take about 2 days and 1 hour to drive there non-stop if my mom felt like taking a road trip!  Probably not gonna do that...
The shells are awesome!  The pesky kitten (Mom calls him Kitty Kitty but Leah says his name is Murphy - I refuse to acknowledge him at all...) gave 'em a sniff and said they smelled yummy.  Mom took them away quickly before he got any ideas about nibbling them!
As always she labeled each shell with the names of the senders and where they came from. 
Then she carefully placed them in the table.  Some re-arranging had to be made but if you look closely you can see all the new additions!
Next, the TREATS!  The girls sent some of their favorite treats and the perfect little tennis ball for me!  Of course I shared the treats with Marley but NOT the tennis ball!  He has enough toys!

Wow!  Thank you Coco, Godiva, Truffle and your wonderful Mom for sending the beautiful shells, delicious treats and fun tennis ball!  We had such a great time opening everything, adding to the table and enjoying the treats and ball!  Woo hoooo!


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