Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day Twenty-Ten

In honor of Earth Day my mom decided to help a tree in distress.  For the past month she's seen this sight every day on her way to work and it's been bugging her! 
This poor little tree dressed in a garland of plastic garbage, neither festive nor happy, was crying out for assistance!  What better day than Earth Day to do a little clean-up? 
Mom said the tree had angry thorns that sliced into her thumb like a knife through butter but she persisted and got all the offending plastic off. 
Doesn't the little tree look so much happier now??
I decided to do my part for Earth Day too by ummm... watering the earth!  Hey, we're all good at something!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Just Pictures...

Mom planned to do an interview - Questions and Answers - but like so many other things lately, it didn't happen.  Dr. Berger sent us some beautiful pictures from the Iditarod that I wanted to share with all of you!
The "START"! Wait!  Do the sleds have to stop for red lights??
Brrrrrr!  -30 degrees??  Are you kidding??  Too darn cold for my little chihuahua paws!
This is how the pooped pups slept!
Notice the booties.
I think it would only be fair if the HUMANS slept in the snow on hay too!
Emi in the tundra.   Hmmm... no trees?  Where's a dawg to pee??
Seriously!  Where did these dawgs PEE???
Hmmm... Maybe they didn't pee for fear of the icicles that might form...  In retrospect, my late brother Ziggy would have loved Alaska with all the snow and sub-zero temperatures.  As for me, I'm a summer dawg - which I suppose is a good thing because the only sled I could pull would be one for a mouse!


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