Saturday, December 24, 2011

I Double Dawg Dare You!

Pedro, Marley, Tommy and Kitty Kitty

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Remembering the Queen

On September 28, 2011 we lost Libby.  She was 15 years old.  We knew it was coming - she hadn't been eating and was barely drinking water for a couple of weeks.
When she was sick in August the VET told us that we had done so much for Libby over the years and that Libby was lucky.  We realize that she was preparing us to let Libby go.  
When we took Libby in on September 28th the VET told us there was nothing more to be done.  Libby was starving herself and she was ready to go.  All of this happened at the same time Pedro was being diagnosed with the bladder stone.  I didn't want to just throw a post out there about Libby's passing.  Libby was a WONDERFUL cat.  She looked you in the eyes when you talked to her.  She seemed to know, to understand what you were saying.  
She was resiliant. She survived the dog attack and lived 5 years with only 3 legs but never lost her sweetness.  When a new animal joined our family, she was the welcome wagon.  
She treated Natty and then Kitty Kitty as if they were her own kittens.  
She loved Ziggy and Pedro and Marley even though a large dog almost took her life.  
She never became fearful and always seemed to have a smile on her fluffy little face.
We will miss Libby.  She was our Queen...

Thursday, October 6, 2011

I Can Pee!!

Being plugged up was no fun!  Peeing drip by drip took forever.  I didn't complain but when I had to go to work with my mom because we were getting new wallpaper (and she didn't want me to bite the paper hangers), she noticed.  She got me to the VET immediately and before I knew it I got sliced and diced and de-stoned.
The problem is they took TWO TOO MANY STONES FROM ME!  I am six FIVE years old and have managed to keep my BIG stones all this time.  The doctor told my mom that if they remove those stones too it COULD keep my prostate smaller and thus restrict my plumbing less.  So, even though removing my nuts, I mean big stones, won't keep my body from forming future bladder stones, it COULD help my ability to pass them.  To me that is an awful lot of COULDS.  I tried to use my psychic powers to tell my mom NO!  Don't do it!  Evidently she has no psychic powers and, sadly, I am de-stoned and neutered...

Saturday, October 1, 2011

In Recovery - Doing Well

Just heard from the hospital that Pedro is out of surgery and recovering nicely.  I don't have any more information but the doctor will call later after he's done with his other surgeries.  SIGH OF RELIEF!

Pedro Update

Pedro is in the hospital and will have surgery today to remove the stone.  I will post more after the surgery is over.  The doctor is very positive and reassuring.  Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.  He is my boy...

- Rachel

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Prayers for Pedro Please

Pedro has a bladder stone lodged in his winky.  Sounds funny but it's really not and it has the potential to be deadly.  The VET tried to dislodge it yesterday and flush it back up into the bladder but it wouldn't budge.  Pedro is a trooper and actually seemed to be peeing a little easier today but the stone has got to go.  We have to take him to a specialist.  Needless to say I am very, very worried about my little man.  Please keep Pedro in your thoughts and prayers.  We've had an extremely tough time in our dawg house which I will write more about soon, when I can do it justice.  Right now I have to focus on PeeDee.

- Rachel

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Friday, August 26, 2011

Doomed by Irene???

The sunflower, not Libby!

Stay tuned...

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Natty Is With Ziggy Now

So, so, so sad.  Natty left today to be with Ziggy.  His heart was tired and he needed to go.  He was only two.  My mom found Natty in our back yard when he was just a tiny kitten.  He got a bum deal in the heart department, born with a terrible valve defect, but our V-E-T told us he wouldn't have lived a year as a feral cat.  She said he was lucky to be with us but really, WE were lucky to have him in our family.

Natty, we will miss you every day.  You brought joy and laughter to our home.  We know how much you loved Ziggy and now you will be with him always...

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Remember the Coffee Table?

A couple of years ago (starting in February 2009) my mom started a project to fill one section of our coffee table with shells and rocks from my friends all over the world.  The response was AMAZING and we filled up the section of the table and did many, many posts telling the stories behind each contribution.  Well, last week my friend Coco the beautiful Chihuahua Princess and her sisters Lady Godiva and Truffle sent us some awesome shells that their mom found when she was in California!
The package contained notes and pictures and presents from the girls telling me about the shells and about the wonderful gifts they sent also.
The shells were found on a beach in California on Sunset Beach Road in Watsonville which is 3,060 miles from my house in the Hamptons!  Coco informed me that it would take about 2 days and 1 hour to drive there non-stop if my mom felt like taking a road trip!  Probably not gonna do that...
The shells are awesome!  The pesky kitten (Mom calls him Kitty Kitty but Leah says his name is Murphy - I refuse to acknowledge him at all...) gave 'em a sniff and said they smelled yummy.  Mom took them away quickly before he got any ideas about nibbling them!
As always she labeled each shell with the names of the senders and where they came from. 
Then she carefully placed them in the table.  Some re-arranging had to be made but if you look closely you can see all the new additions!
Next, the TREATS!  The girls sent some of their favorite treats and the perfect little tennis ball for me!  Of course I shared the treats with Marley but NOT the tennis ball!  He has enough toys!

Wow!  Thank you Coco, Godiva, Truffle and your wonderful Mom for sending the beautiful shells, delicious treats and fun tennis ball!  We had such a great time opening everything, adding to the table and enjoying the treats and ball!  Woo hoooo!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dad Hits 50!

Yep, it happened on the 31st.  My dad reached the old (and I mean OLD) half century mark!
Mom wanted to do something extra special for Dad on his big day and all this green grass inspired her to get him a little something green!

She even personalized it for him to commemorate the occasion...
Leah added her touches, expertly wrapped as always :P
Dad seemed to really, really like his new green machine and got right to work mowing the lawn!

They capped off the day of celebration by going to a Brandi Carlile and Ray LaMontagne concert in Central Park!
Happy Birthday Dad!!!  We hope your 50th was a special day for you!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wednesday's Kitty

I need a home!  Adopt me PLEASE!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

It's Like Spitting in the Wind

No matter how hard she tries to stop it,
feral kittens keep appearing.  This time just one.
He's really cute and he's tamed down very quickly.
He's making himself right at home...
But we really don't have room for another kitty
in our little house.
Do you???

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Visiting Smokey

Last weekend my mom and dad got to visit with my late brother Ziggy's real life brother, Smokey. 

It was so incredible for my mom to see Smokey again - she hadn't seen him since Ziggy passed. 

She felt such a connection to Ziggy through him and Smokey was so happy to see my mom!  He was prancing around like a puppy with her!

Sure do miss that brother of mine...


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