Monday, September 27, 2010

Life is Like a Box of Dawg Doo

It's been awhile again.  Mom just doesn't feel like blogging.  She still misses Ziggy so much.  After he died it took the blogger out of her. 
Now we have more bad news.  That's another thing - we don't like to just write about bad things but that seems to be what 2010 is about in my dawg house.  Natty isn't doing well.  We knew from the very beginning that he had a bum ticker but we thought it wouldn't catch up to him for a few years - he's only 1 for goodness sake!  He's had a couple of "attacks" in the past two weeks that my mom witnessed, who knows how many others he may have had.  He went to the VET today and they took pictures of his heart and it's VERY big.  I thought having a big heart was a good thing but, evidently, there is a difference between a big heart and an enlarged heart.  So the future is uncertain for our black & white boy. 

We hope the blood pressure medication (guess it tastes really bad!) and baby aspirin help but for now we will savor every moment we have with him.


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