Tuesday, April 15, 2008


My cousin Rambo and I are on the same page when it comes to small humans - stay away from us! Rambo once ran away and got lost in the woods in New Jersey for 9 whole days because of a kid. These two boys were the first kids I ever met and they scared the dawg poop out of me. Now when I see small humans I let them know who's boss. If you're a kid you better not try to touch me because I will bite you!


damentatedakini said...

new layout, eh, Pedro?

Pedro said...

Thanks Damentate. I needed more color in my life!

Rambo said...

That's right cousin,
Stay away from me too!! Why is it that these little people have to chase us and swing at us and try to touch us. I don't want to be touched by those little rug rats humans. Go Away!

Pedro said...

I know Rambo! These boys wouldn't leave me alone and they were moving around and jumping and in my face. I HAD to try to bite them to get them away from me. Definitely go away little humans!


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