Tuesday, April 15, 2008


This is another one of those damn cats that live in MY house. His name is Stinky and let me tell you that is the PERFECT name for him. He STINKS! My mom found him in a parking lot one day at the Rite Aid store in town. When she opened her car door Stinky ran over and jumped in. He was really friendly but smelled like a dumpster. She took him home for the night then brought him back to the store in the morning. After work that day she went back to Rite Aid, opened the car door and he jumped in. She put up flyers but no one called to claim him. So after a few days of picking him up at night and dropping him off in the morning she decided he could stay. He fights alot and gets all scabby. He almost died last summer and we found out he has FIV. We don't know how much longer he'll be around but he doesn't seem to be in a hurry to go any where. Too bad he stinks so bad! I stay away from him. He scares me.


Rambo said...


All of your family members sure are cute!! But you definitely are the cutest one of them all!! =)

Rambo's Mom, Dana!!

Rambo said...

does Stinky do alot of farting or is it just BO? My G-Mom calls me stinky when I fart. Last night I had gas because I tried Sam the Hams Alpo. It didn't agree with me and so she called me stinky.
Just wondered.
Cousin Rambo.

Pedro said...

Cousin Rambo,
Stinky does ALOT of farting. He could kill you with his farts I swear. Dis-gust-ing! Tell your G-Mom she doesn't know what stinky is until she smells Stinky's farts!


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