Monday, April 14, 2008

Sleepy Sunday!

This is Tommy, one of the felines that lives in my house. He's an ok cat. Sometimes he's nice to me, sometimes he's not. He will chase me and I like that but he will use his claws when I get too close. Yesterday he was so tired he didn't mind that I used him as a pillow. His yellow fur is so soft! He's kind of gross though - he drools when you pet him.

I went for a really long walk on a leash with two of my people yesterday and they were very proud of me. I get a little freaked out by that leash thing but they're happy when I use it so maybe I'll stop fighting it. I was SO tired last night that I just couldn't keep my eyes open! Whew, Ziggy went with us but my little legs had to do so much more work than his! I think I'll sleep for the next 2 days!!


Rambo said...

Cousin Pedro,
Dawg, you look so much like me it's scary! Are you sure you weren't born in California?
I get really tired after a long walk too. I get tired when I take a ride in the car. I sleep the entire next day.
You said Tommy the cat drools on you. Is he an old kat? Sam the Ham is an old dawg. He is eleven. He drools too.
Cousin Rambo

damentatedakini said...

Pedro, i'm voting for you as most photogenic! I love these pix!

Pedro said...

I'm not really sure where the heck I was born! Some bad puppy mill I think. We sure are two good lookin dawgs! Sleepin is my favorite thing to do!

Pedro said...

Whoa Damentate, that picture scares the dawg poop out of me! Thanks for reading my blog.

damentatedakini said...

Pedro: don't mind the pic...that's me, tough and scary on the outside, but a big mush on the inside!


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