Saturday, April 12, 2008

My Family

I though the best way to get started would be to introduce you to my family, human, feline, canine, and fowl. Lets start with canine. My big bro, Ziggy, is one handsome dog - almost as good lookin as me and Rambo! He can't help it if he wasn't born a chi. This dog is something special. My mom says he could do me in with one snap of his jaw but he has never ever hurt me. He lets me lie on him and beat him up. He doesn't complain when I eat his food and he doesn't even get jealous when I get all the attention. What's really impressive is he doesn't stink! His breath is pretty good too - sometimes I use him as a water fountain. My mom thinks that's disgusting but she just doesn't understand dog ways. I am one lucky dog to have Ziggy as my big bro!


damentatedakini said...

i like Ziggy, too!

Rambo said...

Cousin Pedro,
Your bro Ziggy is good looking. The picture of him playing with you is cool. It looks like you two have fun. I have fun with Sam too, but his breathe stinks real bad! I have to hold my own breathe. And he is a Ham. Sam the Ham. But Sam and Ziggy are not chi's so they are not as cool as us. Right? Chi's rule.


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