Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Snuck One In!

Hahaha, Leah snapped this picture of me and Mom while Mom was sleeping. Look at how she sleeps! No wonder her carpal tunnel is giving problems...


Lorenza said...

Hi, Pedro!
That looks painful!
My mom sleeps with her head twisted and she says it is because of me!
Kisses and hugs

powder-puff said...

Hey pedro!!

Nice to meet ya!

hope you have a great week

lots of love

damentatedakini said...

You know Pedro there was a woman at a meeting with me tonight wearing a BRACE because she sleeps with her arms/wrists in that position. OUCH!! How will she ever be able to PET YOU with twisted up wrists??

Pedro said...

My mom now sleeps with a brace on each hand too! She wears the one on her right hand all day. She still manages to give me good pats.


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