Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tweedle Tweedle Cluck Cluck

This bright orange thing is Edward the Canary. We call him Eddie. He's not looking so handsome right now because he's molting. He probably weighs about two ounces but he makes more noise than something 100 times his size. His cage is in the living room on top of the shelves with the tv and stereo. When we watch tv Eddie starts singing all his songs. On and on and on and on. He can sing louder than I can bark. One of his songs sounds like a car alarm! When my mom vaccuums Eddie sings really loud while I try to kill the machine. Ziggy, on the other hand, is afraid of the vaccuum. What a big sissy!
These are our chickens, Bunny and Chip. They haven't been laying eggs because they're pretty old. When they did lay eggs Chip's were pink and Bunny's were green! They're Americanas or Auracanas, and sometimes are called Easter Egg chickens. They might start laying eggs again when it gets warm. I'm a little skeptical of these birds. They're not afraid of me at all, even when I bark at them. Bunny has even tried to peck me! Plus, they're bigger than me! That's just wrong...

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