Saturday, April 19, 2008

Yum, Pudding!

Oh yeah! Pudding & Cool Whip. What could be better than that? I love it when my mom shares with me but I think she can be a bit stingy. Come on Mom, leave more for me!


Rambo said...

I like pudding too. My favorite is ice cream. Do you eat ice cream cousin Pedro? I eat vanilla. G-Mom says I can't each chocolate because it will make me sick.
Cousin Rambo

Pedro said...

I try to get some chocolate but my family won't let me either. My mom says she remembers when her niece's dog Burt ate a whole bag of M&M's. He was a white poodle and he had to eat charcoal liquid. He didn't die but he was really sick and his white fur around his mouth turned grey from the charcoal. I guess we better listen to our people and not eat any chocolate!

The Airechicks said...


Nice action on the pudding cup -

Might try moving in really close when Mom sits down with the pudding...Use the "LOOK" on her...

She'll not be able to refuse the "LOOK"

Very nice to meet you... Welcome to DWBs....


Cutie Judy said...


Our Doxies Libby & Jilly would eat chocoalte if we let them.........but Pupperonis are the worst thing they get. (they aren't really dogs you know!)
Getting quite a few new readers I see!

Good for you!


Jemma said...


Yes, they sure are stingy! Well, Dad isn't as stingy as Mom.


P.S. Thanks for visiting my blog!

Pedro said...

My dad would feed me until I explode but Mom won't let him. Drat! I added your blog to my Doggone Good Blog list!


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